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Providing healthy, smart, loving dogs for protection, work, companionship, and wonderful family additions.

We feature Classic German Shepherds or "Old Style German Shepherds" if you prefer. This is the original body style of a flat back and strong hips/legs. We believe this style of conformation produces a stronger, more powerful, and better looking dog while keeping a gentle temperament and the brains that this style of German Shepherd is known for.

If you are looking for show dogs please go somewhere else. We do not have modern American or German show dogs because they are a completely different breed. They generally have been bred to produce a slanted back and weak hips and legs. Show dogs are best used for decorations.

Our dogs are big & strong & are perfectly capable of defending us and their home and being gentle at the same time.

Our dogs show more of the East German & British breeding coming from the French - German border area of Alsace, Lorraine. These dogs developed a little differently than German Shepherds from other areas. They have heavier bone structure, a long body type, uniform shoulders and an even top line. They come in a variety of colors, being black and tan, black and red, sable, bi color and black the most common. English German Shepherds have a soft temperament and they vary in drive. They make fabulous family companions, particularly for first time owners, but they also operate well as service dogs, therapy dogs and guide dogs.

 We do not have puppies for sale to the general public at this time.

All our puppies are in training for personal protection dogs.


Dave Hoffert lives on the high plains of Wyoming just east of Cheyenne.